Reach For Your Peak Growth - A Creative Milk Ad

Keeping track of my creative thought process is one of the most difficult things for me as a creative. I spend so much time and effort working on designing, that I forget to keep track of my progress. So, when people ask, “How did you come up with this?”, I tell them it just happened. But the truth is, it didn’t just happen. Nothing just happens.

Therefore, I decided that moving on, I will document each step and let people know what happened behind the scenes. The first feature on my online documentation is the creative ad concept I designed for Peak Milk recently.

Produced by Frieslandcampina, the Peak milk brand has various tasty and nutritional dairy to its name. Therefore, designing a creative ad meant I need to choose one of them to work with. But before then, I needed to have a concrete idea of what I wanted to do. Well, this is how it went.

The Idea

After deciding that I wanted to work with a milk brand, the next thing was to research. I researched on the common thing milk brands promise their customers, and the common line that surfaced was “strong bones and teeth”. But they also lay emphasis on helping children and teens attain proper growth.

Yes, that was it! Growth!

The first thing that came to my mind was to illustrate a skeleton. But that was too complex. Since one of the key things in design is simplicity. Therefore, in order to visualise something that is simple, and yet passes the message, I settled for a spinal cord.
And oh...the base of the spinal cord looked like a glass cup. So, how about we tweak that a little bit? Yes, perfect.

The Product

Now that the idea was set, I had to select the best product to go with my idea. At this point, I went back to my ad concept, growth. The people that fell under the growth category were children and teens (i.e. 0-19years). But then, there was the Peak 1-2-3 and 4-5-6 for little children. So, I decided to focus on teens (i.e. 13-19 years).

Even after streamlining my target, I was still left with a lot of products to choose from. Then, I decided to scrap powder milk because it won’t properly illustrate the spinal cord. I was then left with tin milk and UHT packs. At this point, I just went for the UHT packs.

The Copy

After I had already completed the design, I needed a content to go with it. This was a little difficult because I like my content short and precise. In the end, I used the Peak milk tagline, “Reach for your peak” and added the ad concept to it.

Finally, I had this.

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