How To Become A Billionaire—The Teni Makanaki Way

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Billion-dollar bills

I wanna be a billionaire, billionaire, yeah.

Teniola Apata, popularly known as Teni Makanaki is a singer-songwriter who has found her way into the hearts of many Nigerian music lovers. Although she is far from what most Nigerians feel a female artiste should look like, she has managed to win them over with good music. Just five years ago, nobody would have said the same thing about Teni.

She recently dropped a hit single titled Billionaire, which has been bursting the airwaves a lot lately. In this song, she talked about her desire to become a billionaire, travel the world, and buy expensive cars while making reference to some popular Nigerian billionaires.

She did the same in one of her hit singles titled Case, begging the question, "How long has Teni been obsessed with becoming a Billionaire?". Well, that’s some talk for another day. But here is one for today, "How is the President of the Future Billionaires club working towards securing that bag?"

Some members have been taking notes lately, and they are generous enough to share. Here are some of the things that will increase your chances of becoming a billionaire.

Teni is changing the narrative in a society that feels you need to be a diva with nice hair, banging makeup, sexy dress, and a perfect body to be a successful female artiste. Not sure if the Nigerian Music Industry has had someone like that since Weird Mc.

Photo by Sonny Ravesteijn on Unsplash

Sometime last year, Teni was trolled by Osagie Alonge, a then journalist at Pulse. He said during one of his podcasts that she should only be writing songs and not singing because she doesn’t look the part. The part, in this case, is what Nigerians think a female artiste should look like.

One would think this comment would deter her, but it didn’t. Rather, she released a series of videos praising herself and eventually released a song titled “yokozuna” after she was shamed for her body size. This is a good example of, "you can't shame the shameless".

Her commitment to being herself is something that should be studied in Nigerian universities, to be honest.

In whatever you do, make sure you are consistently successful. Since “Fargin”, Teni has consistently released hit singles. If transformed into an album, it should be titled “No Bad Songs” because every song was a hit back to back (in Olamide’s voice).

She was one of the most called to shows in December 2018. One would wonder why, but the reason isn’t far fetched. She keeps releasing good music which equals more shows for her, and more shows equal more money.

Wow! More money? The billionaire dream is getting closer to becoming a reality.

Most importantly, make sure you have fun doing whatever you do. Teni is known for her funny skits on social media and that was part of what made people fall in love with her without even listening to her music.

Her down-to-earth attitude is one of the reasons why she is loved by a lot of people. She effortlessly makes her fans laugh with her videos, which simultaneously promotes her songs.

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Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Teni looks like someone who came to this world just to have fun and doesn’t care whether there are burning bridges around her. The most important thing is that she is happy.

Her happiness is very contagious, and it reflects in her music. It doesn’t matter the career path you choose, make sure you have fun while working.

One important thing you need to know as a Future Billionaire is that you can’t save your way to wealth. Don’t believe it? Okay, let’s do the math.

Let’s say an average rich Nigerian saves 3 million Naira monthly after removing welfare costs. That is, ₦3×12 = ₦36 million per year.

₦36×50 = ₦1.8 billion after 50 years.

“I told you! I can save my way to wealth. Look... “

Hold on a second...

₦1.8 billion = $500000. Uhn? Not even up to a million dollars?

Well, there are different billionaire statuses, and you can even become one in less than 50 years.

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