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Great user experience is one of the things that influence a user’s decision to pay for your product or service, which is why it needs to be at the core of product development. Performing UX research will help you understand how users interact with your product, their pain points, and also improve user experience.

The key to building product users love is by understanding what they would like to achieve and how your product makes it difficult to achieve this. But, this can only be achieved through thorough user research.

Hence, in this article, I will be dropping some tips on how to perform user research, analyze the data collected from your research, and interpreting the result of the analysis. …

Do’s and don’ts of getting social proof for your software

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Customers go through three main stages when trying to subscribe to a software service: finding companies that offer the service, choosing a company from the pool, and eventually paying for a subscription. Although influenced by many factors, online reviews are a great determinant of whether a customer subscribes to a particular company's service or not.

According to research conducted by Podium, 93% of customers say that online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. …

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I have seen a lot of Marketers complain about how difficult it is to create a marketing strategy that works for B2B businesses. They mostly whine about how boring B2B marketing is, compared to its B2C counterpart.

Even I used to feel the same way in the past. I could remember the first time I interned at a B2B company as a social media manager, it felt like my creativity was boxed up.

The most frustrating part of all this was coming up with “creative” content that ended up having very little engagement. …

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With the world going through a partial lockdown due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the travel industry seems to be the most hit. It is no more business as usual for a lot of businesses and founders are going through huge stress due to the unexpected outcome of the year.

The travel industry has experienced a dwindling demand for their services as they receive a large number of flight cancelations in the past few weeks. So many countries have placed a travel ban or restriction, suggesting that things are not likely to be back to normal anytime soon.

In light of these developments, how can travel companies survive the pandemic and come out stronger? …

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I was checking through Quora the other day and I came across the question, “Can I start freelancing just with my smartphone and internet? How?” and some other similar questions. The responses to these questions were not exactly helpful, with most people trying to sell their fraudulent schemes and some asserting that it is impossible. For someone who made quite a fortune freelancing with a smartphone, I think it’s fair enough to let people know how it can be done.

First of all, I want to make it clear that owning a PC is no doubt the best way to work as a Freelancer. …

Take a break, educate, and adapt

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Covid-19 has left the world in tatters. What does this mean for your brand? How do you keep your business afloat when others are drowning?

The coronavirus pandemic has completely disrupted what brands had planned for the year 2020. Attempting to contain the spread of this deadly disease, a lot of businesses have shut down indefinitely — leading to job loss worldwide.

Although some businesses are embracing remote work, there’s still a lot of confusion around branding and content marketing during this period. Questions about what content brands should post, what they shouldn’t, creating empathetic content, etc. …

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Billion-dollar bills

I wanna be a billionaire, billionaire, yeah.

Teniola Apata, popularly known as Teni Makanaki is a singer-songwriter who has found her way into the hearts of many Nigerian music lovers. Although she is far from what most Nigerians feel a female artiste should look like, she has managed to win them over with good music. Just five years ago, nobody would have said the same thing about Teni.

She recently dropped a hit single titled Billionaire, which has been bursting the airwaves a lot lately. …

They say, “When design meets Tech, magic happens”. But when volleyball brings these two together, be ready for some more magic. Wondering what more magic looks like? Here you have it 👇

This video shows how Landor rebranded the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) and gave it a new identity - made of volleyball. In a bid to create a unique typeface for VNL, they used motion capture to track the ball’s trajectory, with each letter mirroring a real volleyball exchange. Part of the results of this experiment were 26 letters of the alphabet, with only one start and end point. …

Keeping track of my creative thought process is one of the most difficult things for me as a creative. I spend so much time and effort working on designing, that I forget to keep track of my progress. So, when people ask, “How did you come up with this?”, I tell them it just happened. But the truth is, it didn’t just happen. Nothing just happens.

Therefore, I decided that moving on, I will document each step and let people know what happened behind the scenes. …

Influencer marketing is no doubt, one of the most effective form of marketing. Social media has made it easy for people to idolise one another. With each idol’s power, mostly proportional to the amount of following he possesses. Even with the large intersection of users on different social media networks, each platform has a unique approach to influencing its users.

For example, unlike Instagram, Twitter is a less visual platform. With a few hashtags and attractive images, businesses can easily increase their Instagram impressions and double their reach. But things are not that straightforward with Twitter.

Rather than just adding trending hashtags to tweets, brands either jump on one or create their own hashtag, then get it to trend. The easiest way to get this done is by paying a few influencers to trend their hashtag for some time. This could range from a few hours to a few days. …


Jelilah Anofiu

Data Scientist | Quantitative UX Researcher | Content Marketer

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